Friday, 27 May 2011

The Return of Innocence.

Innocence seems so long ago now, sepia photos hanging on my wall,
Childhood memories cast out on memory's ocean, tossed by the winds,
Of circumstance and trial, And the battle consumes it all,
The day I first met you seems so long ago now.

But I'm not finished yet, my heart still remembers,
Though my mind may have forgotten, how you rebuilt this fragile form,
Gently woke me to the brightest day I have ever known,
Showed me the stars in their velvet dark home far above this passing storm

Still this world tries to hold me down, but the spirit's longing to fly,
And I cant focus on these ruins any more, new blooms are growing,
Out of these broken stones and failed dreams, reaching for the sky,
For I'm tired of seeing only my failings while missing your everyday grace,
Running swiftly after counterfeit visions while missing your gentle face.
I get so easily caught up in the lies of the present age,

For the truths not in the war but in the victory already won,
My hope not in flesh but my crucified lover who said at last it is done.
My hope not in might but my crucified Lord who said at last it is done.

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