Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Summer Meadow

Flowers growing where I saw you say goodbye,
Standing here, emotions high,
I hear your voice on the warm breeze,
Skipping through the trees,
By the river where I first loved you.

Now that summer seems so far gone,
Young and reckless, you were the one,
Making everything seem real,
My heart starting to feel,
Walking through a Summer Meadow with you.

Now the Summer's here again,
Love banishing Winter pain,
See you again when this fight's done,
Coming home, it'll all be won,
Still here in the far country,
Going to chance my heart again,
Taking a walk in the meadow,
In the gentle Summer rain.


This is just a fragment on of a poem:

Too many requiems, have touched my ears,
And my heart, shellshocked by the loss,
Falls to its myriad darkening fears,
Will sunlight ever crack the gloom,
Of curtains drawn in my inner room.

Tumbling through tunnels with no sign or sight of light,
As if walking under a ceiling of clouds,
How could bare existence become such a fight,
Days seem cold and neverending,
Ever enduring, continuing, blending.

Into one. And is my creativity lost to a death knell,
Is this how creation felt in the dawn when Eden fell.

Echoes, reverberations, ripples on a pond,
Trickling down through emotion's legacy,
Past still holding me in nostalgic bond,
Am I enamoured with numbness,
Do my words curse rather than bless.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Nuclear Story

Dawn catches up with me, brings me round,
Leaving darkness's cloying embrace,
Stepping out on suns rays, you make my heart feel unbound,
And together the enemy we turn to face,
And the dead are coming back to life, can you hear the sound.

Wake up now, did you think we'd backed down,
And hold on now, all our angels haven't flown,
Standing there waiting in your wedding gown,
Did you think all the treasure in the world had been blown,

Beneath the transom of a nuclear sky.
We make our final last stand,
People so interested in asking the question why,
They've not realised who's taking hold of their hand,
Getting them trapped like prehistoric amber flies.

And why did we close our eyes,
Do you still consider yourself to be worldly wise,
And are you finally looking for your soul on the floor of your heart,
After all this slumber time, are you ready to make a start.

Coast Road

Leaving for the coast, Memories of a thousand journeys,
But its this one I've been waiting for most,
Losing myself in you, the sand and all the azure seven seas.

Travelling the road to the ocean with you,
All the years before this moment just flew,
And now I'm lost following the river,
To where it becomes so much more,
As our love begins to soar.

Oh, old fashioned fairy tales still come true,
And it seems love stories aren't out of fashion,
Oh, I am so much love in you,
As real as any classical passion,
So follow me to the shore,
Fall in love with me.

The Road

Still this land gives me no peace at all,
Felt like an exile for far too long now,
Walking through leaves that always seem to fall
And never grow again I wonder how,
I will find my home.

Setting out on a road, dreaming of blue hills,
An adventure of daring and romance,
Yet I find that I go where the road wills,
Never to find where on flowered meadow your feet dance,
And your beauty captivates me.

Still this road gives me no comfort today,
Did I take a wrong turn back somewhere
Were my feet meant to walk some other way,
Am I lost, too stubborn to dare,
To admit I'm wrong.

Will I ever happen upon my true love,
Or find the safe harbour where I was born to be,
Do I track my position from stars above,
Will I crest another hill, a horizon line, will I see,
My home, hidden until now.

So many things I long for, while I walk,
Thinking on love and dreams of eternity,
Someone to travel beside and talk to,
To share my dreams and understand to see,
Her home, found with mine.

Maybe my yearnings, are just not my destiny,
Do I live blind in the reality around my feet,
Why am I still searching, will I be,
Still looking, when all have found their one true love, one so sweet,
The road, isn't so lonely.

Blessing for the journey

The world is full of sunshine and shadows,
Black and white,
Shades of grey,
Beauty and mystery,
All on display,
And within all is love.
Found in the light dark of dusk,
Dancing in the rays of dawn.
Skipping through sun and rain,
Dwelling in the moment we were born,
And in the hearts of the lovers.
As their love paints a masterpiece,
Composing the notes of a symphony, a rhapsody,
A song, engaging and beautiful,
Complexity and simplicity,
Found in romance and togetherness and living for each other.
The path walked together,
The journey taken in love,
Follow the road down through life,
Underneath the sun and stars above,
Watching the seasons change.
Their life for the other,
The song of love leads them on,
Into the beauty of forever ,
And the glory of the son.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Soar Away

Remember when you dreamed love would be a fairy tale,
I've got to tell you those times havent fled yet,
And although sometimes your wings will fail,
Dont let your tears leave your face wet.

You dreamed of love letters, black lines on a page,
All you got was an icy stare letting you go,
Still dont let yourself be shot down by the coldness of this age,
Because you'll reach loves dwelling place, oh dont you know.

Dont you know, your eyes shine like stars, caught in the curtain of heaven,
And your heart is bright even though its been broken more times than you care to count,
And nothing can bring you down now, because you'll soar away.
Soar away baby, you'll see the sun rise on the land of dreams again,
And the feeling you'll feel there, is more than words can explain,
Take hold of my hand, tread the dawn light,
Because when you smile its such a beautiful sight.

So dream of starlight and firelight circles,
A legend beginning, taking shape, in your mind,
Somewhere beyond tomorrow is where your soul dances,
Where sorrow no longer makes your eyes so blind.

Spin through sunshine rays,
Find loves hidden ways,
Set your feet on the road again,
Because after all that, you were never to blame.
And eternity’s such a beautiful sight.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Summer of Love

You called it the Summer of Love,
But your generation never stopped the hating,
We're supposed to worship your image,
But it was a lie you were creating.
Tying yourself down in bonds of the world,
That weren't so much freeing as silently suffocating.
And after all that you children were hurled,
Onto a golden altar, idols placating,
You trod the path of Molech again.

And I'm supposed to praise Charlie's makers,
Who opened the box of Pandora,
Said they were givers when they were just takers,

Go on, tune in, drop out,
Miss the warning shout,
Its all your worst parts that you're gonna flaunt,
When you're lost in the cosmos, will you count,
The cost of stellar surfing, on those who come behind.

Now its your Winter of Hate,
Your generation claims we've got no respect.
Running riot, looking for a cause,
You robbed us of anything worth living for.
Now you demand that we behave, well you never did.
Well, this world's full of sixties carbon copies but what's left to fight against,
And its all coming back to haunt you,
Like a youthful reflection, does it taunt you?
And your idol still wont tell you the path.

And Johnny wont imagine a thing anymore,
And Jim, why cant I hear your tortured voice soar,
And everybody's still searching, everybody's still searching,
Because after all that you still never found the door.

Monday, 13 December 2010

A song.

Open me up baby,
And look inside,
Open me up girl,
I’ve got so much to hide.
I’ve fallen by the wayside.
And romance is rising on the pathways of sunrays.
And this dance is surprising, you dream of the always,
Electricity flows as you explore the seed of forever,
That’s hidden within the world around and the heart of a man,
That stands before you, your lips touching light as a feather.
Long ago, you dreamed of flying far above the treetops
Now you soar far above, as feeling rises and time stops.
You breathe it all in,
And feel the true music begin,