Monday, 27 December 2010

Nuclear Story

Dawn catches up with me, brings me round,
Leaving darkness's cloying embrace,
Stepping out on suns rays, you make my heart feel unbound,
And together the enemy we turn to face,
And the dead are coming back to life, can you hear the sound.

Wake up now, did you think we'd backed down,
And hold on now, all our angels haven't flown,
Standing there waiting in your wedding gown,
Did you think all the treasure in the world had been blown,

Beneath the transom of a nuclear sky.
We make our final last stand,
People so interested in asking the question why,
They've not realised who's taking hold of their hand,
Getting them trapped like prehistoric amber flies.

And why did we close our eyes,
Do you still consider yourself to be worldly wise,
And are you finally looking for your soul on the floor of your heart,
After all this slumber time, are you ready to make a start.

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