Monday, 27 December 2010

Blessing for the journey

The world is full of sunshine and shadows,
Black and white,
Shades of grey,
Beauty and mystery,
All on display,
And within all is love.
Found in the light dark of dusk,
Dancing in the rays of dawn.
Skipping through sun and rain,
Dwelling in the moment we were born,
And in the hearts of the lovers.
As their love paints a masterpiece,
Composing the notes of a symphony, a rhapsody,
A song, engaging and beautiful,
Complexity and simplicity,
Found in romance and togetherness and living for each other.
The path walked together,
The journey taken in love,
Follow the road down through life,
Underneath the sun and stars above,
Watching the seasons change.
Their life for the other,
The song of love leads them on,
Into the beauty of forever ,
And the glory of the son.

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