Thursday, 16 December 2010

Soar Away

Remember when you dreamed love would be a fairy tale,
I've got to tell you those times havent fled yet,
And although sometimes your wings will fail,
Dont let your tears leave your face wet.

You dreamed of love letters, black lines on a page,
All you got was an icy stare letting you go,
Still dont let yourself be shot down by the coldness of this age,
Because you'll reach loves dwelling place, oh dont you know.

Dont you know, your eyes shine like stars, caught in the curtain of heaven,
And your heart is bright even though its been broken more times than you care to count,
And nothing can bring you down now, because you'll soar away.
Soar away baby, you'll see the sun rise on the land of dreams again,
And the feeling you'll feel there, is more than words can explain,
Take hold of my hand, tread the dawn light,
Because when you smile its such a beautiful sight.

So dream of starlight and firelight circles,
A legend beginning, taking shape, in your mind,
Somewhere beyond tomorrow is where your soul dances,
Where sorrow no longer makes your eyes so blind.

Spin through sunshine rays,
Find loves hidden ways,
Set your feet on the road again,
Because after all that, you were never to blame.
And eternity’s such a beautiful sight.

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