Monday, 27 December 2010

The Road

Still this land gives me no peace at all,
Felt like an exile for far too long now,
Walking through leaves that always seem to fall
And never grow again I wonder how,
I will find my home.

Setting out on a road, dreaming of blue hills,
An adventure of daring and romance,
Yet I find that I go where the road wills,
Never to find where on flowered meadow your feet dance,
And your beauty captivates me.

Still this road gives me no comfort today,
Did I take a wrong turn back somewhere
Were my feet meant to walk some other way,
Am I lost, too stubborn to dare,
To admit I'm wrong.

Will I ever happen upon my true love,
Or find the safe harbour where I was born to be,
Do I track my position from stars above,
Will I crest another hill, a horizon line, will I see,
My home, hidden until now.

So many things I long for, while I walk,
Thinking on love and dreams of eternity,
Someone to travel beside and talk to,
To share my dreams and understand to see,
Her home, found with mine.

Maybe my yearnings, are just not my destiny,
Do I live blind in the reality around my feet,
Why am I still searching, will I be,
Still looking, when all have found their one true love, one so sweet,
The road, isn't so lonely.

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