Thursday, 26 May 2011


So speak to me of salvation and fan the flames,
Come find me in my hiding place above the valley floor,
Battered and beaten, burnt out by disappointment,
These tears falling, scorching each sore.
So, my love speak to me of faith once more.

So speak to me of the new man, the conqueror,
Heal this blindness to see through my lovers eternal eyes,
Rather than through this broken stained glass dream darkly,
My heart reaching, praying to be wise,
So my love speak to me of vision once more.

So speak to me of the kingdom come, eternity,
Cleanse these lips of mine, corrupted by deceit and profanity,
I remember innocence, it seems such a long time ago,
My spirit longing, crying for sanctuary,
So my love speak to me of grace once more.

I'm tired of running from you,
Into the shadows of my own mind,
Tired of my own reflection in the mirror,
Looking for that peace I can only ever find,
In the strength of your arms.
So my love hold me close once more.
And tell me of how one day I'll reach the other shore.

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