Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Lose myself in dreams again, oh you can't tie me down,
Tired of the disbelief I see lurking deep inside of me,
Ready for tomorrow to come once more, oh, I'm not afraid,
Of the sun that’s rising, in the morning light, another world I see.

You can't tie me to what happened yesterday,
Because these shackles fall by the wayside,
And you can't hold me to the mistakes of the past,
Don't you see you can’t stop what's inside.

Now you can't catch me anymore, I'm free,
Visions of failures, won't keep me locked in this lonely place,
You can't tell me that I won the battle only to lose the war,
Because after all these years finally I know you've lost this race.

I'm going to see it all come true and they'll come a day,
When all these weaknesses will become my strengths,
And no darkness will find where I lay,
Under a freshly made and newborn heavenly sky.

And this fire inside of me can't be put out,
Turning your lies into shadows cast on a wall,
Tomorrow's dawn chases all the shadows away,
Now I'm thinking of the rise rather than the fall.