Friday, 29 July 2011

Waiting for Isaac.

So many years, walking this pathway with you,

Overwhelmed, I’ve seen your healing and transformation,

New birth, the beautiful moments in everything you do,

Trodden the pathways of this exquisite restoration,

And I have heard your word whispered to me,

As if on a summer’s breeze,

Fallen in love over and over again with thee,

And your salvation that restores and frees.

Prophecy and Worship,

Prayer and Fellowship,

Glimpsed forever in the light of morning.

And in faith of the new day dawning,

Just beyond the horizon.

Amazed you can love me still,

Running away to have my fill,

Of this world’s fading glories,

Falling into stormy seas,

Turning my back, while trying to hold on,

To salvation and the image of your son.

Have I been too much the older brother rather than the prodigal returning,

Looked for salvation in man made towers of sand, rather than being content to sing,

Your praises beneath an open heaven. Am I still birthing Ishmael in all my plans,

When Isaac waits for me to let go of my counterfeit rescue and take your hands

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