Monday, 8 August 2011

Lamentations on a Riot

And tonight on the streets, its war,
Is this how it felt when Rome fell.
Pictures before my eyes of fires that scar,
Tearing through, like some ugly reflection of hell.
I can’t watch but can’t take my eyes away.

A protest breeding only pain,
That great city, envy of the world.
Torn asunder by delirious pursuit of gain,
Nobility, honour and respect, onto the bonfire hurled,
Please, oh God, Let peace rise again with the new day.

Feels like I sit at the end of the days,
And my heart lies broken now.
Before this onslaught of lost and destructive ways,
And these eyes fill with tears as before you I bow.
Please, oh Lord, let your light spirit shine a brand new way.

And in the dark of the night the light shines brightest,
And where sin does abound, so does grace abound more.
And on the battleground, your hand still moves,
And in the morning, you will heal every sore.

I feel like Jeremiah, my words becoming lamentations of this present age,
But still your mercies are new each day and your love does cool even murderous rage.

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